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  • We accept most PPO dental plans.

  • We accept Medicare dental plans.

  • LFDC Discount Program offered for those with no insurance.

  • Small Business Discount program provides discounts to employees of small business owners with NO SIGN-UP FEE

  • Applications for Care Credit can be processed at our office.

  • Accepting cash, check, and all major credit cards.


Discount Program

No Insurance??? No problem!! Here at Legends Dental
we have got you covered with our personalized, no-hassle "ln House" discount program.

• Annual membership fee of $150 for patients under
65yrs; which INCLUDES an exam, x-rays, and adult
prophy cleaning
• Annual membership fee of $125 for senior citizens,
age 65+
• Members receive 15% off ALL dental care
• Senior citizens 65+ members receive 20% off ALL
dental care

*This program is strictly for patients with NO insurance.
Cannot be used with any other discounts or insurance plans
*This program is for regular prophy cleanings only. Does not
include Periodontal Procedures

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