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What are dental veneers? 

Veneers are a very thin layer of porcelain that helps re-create the look of your natural teeth. Each veneer is custom-made to fit your individual teeth to ensure flawless results. Then, Dr. Ford bonds the veneers to your current teeth. Veneers cover blemishes such as cracks, gaps, stains, or misshapen teeth.  

Porcelain remains the most stain-resistant material for making veneers, though veneers may also be created out of resin composite materials. Porcelain tends to do a better job replicating the look of your natural teeth. You’ll make a visit with our trusted lab to review your options and help you pick the best shape & color (shade) of veneers for your unique smile. 



What’s great about veneers? 

Veneers improve crooked, broken, or misshapen teeth while maintaining the natural appearance of your teeth. Veneers also offer these advantages: 

  • Stain resistance 

  • Little gum irritation 

  • Can lighten darker teeth 

  • Look great with no invasive dental work 

  • Reinforce weak teeth 

  • More cost-effective than other dental solutions like crowns

Image by Daniel Frank
Image by Jonathan Borba

How do I get veneers? 

The process begins with a consultation to discuss your goals and determine the best type of veneers for your needs. Dr. Ford, a skilled cosmetic dental specialist readies your current teeth for the shape of the veneers by removing a minimal amount of enamel from the front & side surfaces. After your teeth have been prepared, we take an impression of your tooth/teeth so the dental lab can create custom veneers that are an exact fit for your mouth. 

You come back to have the finished veneers fitted to each tooth. We then prepare them for the bonding process. The dental expert applies a special cement and light source that causes the adhesive to bond securely to the porcelain. In no time at all, your veneers are securely in place, and you have a beautiful and improved smile. 

Image by Rudi Fargo

Book a consultation by calling or using the form below, to see how easy it can be to improve your smile with custom veneers. 

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