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Crowns & Bridges

What is a dental crown? 

A crown is a “cap”, shaped like a tooth, that’s placed over a damaged tooth to support and protect it. Dental crowns can be made of a variety of materials, including metal, zirconia, and even porcelain and ceramic options that look just like your real teeth. You can talk to Dr. Ford about which material is right for you. 

Once fully cemented into place, a dental crown covers your tooth all the way to the gum line and restores the function and appearance of your tooth. 

A dental crown may be necessary if: 

  • A weak tooth is at risk of breaking or cracking 

  • A broken or worn down tooth needs restoration 

  • A tooth with a large filling that needs support 

  • A tooth is badly discolored or misshapen 

  • You have a dental implant installed 


What is a dental bridge? 

A dental bridge spans the gap left behind when you’re missing one or more teeth. A dental bridge featuring a false tooth is typically attached to crowns, which are cemented onto the adjacent teeth on both sides of the missing tooth. The bridge itself is also made of metal, porcelain or a combination of them both. 

How are crowns and bridges installed? 

When you need a dental crown, Dr. Ford will first examine your teeth and take X-rays to confirm the tooth can support a crown. If it can, the first step is to anesthetize the tooth and surrounding area. Dr. Ford will then remove any possible decay or old filling & place a buildup material to make the tooth solid & strong. The tooth then gets shaped so that a crown will be able to fit onto it securely. Impressions are then taken of the prepped tooth & the patient will leave with a temporary crown while our lab is in the process of making the permanent crown. 

There are several different options for the material & color (Shade) your crown will be made of. All impressions taken on the first visit get sent to our trusted lab to be fabricated. The lab process can take about 2-3 weeks to be constructed. Once your crown is ready, our staff will call you to come in for a “seat crown appointment”. Dr. Ford will make sure that the fit is perfect & patient likes the look & feel of their permanent crown before cementing it into place. 

When having a bridge put in, the first steps are almost identical to a crown. Dr. Ford will identify the adjacent teeth that can support the bridge, called the abutment teeth, and shape them so that they can support crowns. A mold is then made to ensure a perfect fit, and your bridge is constructed. 

If you have a damaged or missing tooth, find out what a crown or bridge could do for you at Legends Family Dental today! 

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